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Observing the skies with the naked eye, binoculars and telescopes, the painter captures a direct impression in her work. She makes use of modern technologies: the special photographic techniques of big telescopes such as the ESO Very Large Telescope and the ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope, which make the universe as visible as it might be in reality. From both views she forms her own aesthetic interpretation of events in space and bridges the gap between the immeasurable distances and the eye of the observer, as well as between science and art.



„Galerie Christa Wawers“

Posthof Bacharach

Oberstraße 45 – 49

55422 Bacharach


Die Galerie in Bacharach wurde von März 2007 - August 2012 betrieben.



Folgende Artikel mit Motiven der Künstlerin sind erhältlich:

(Preise auf Anfrage)



leinengebunden, limitiert, handsigniert




(auf DVD-Player lauffähig),

ca. 20 min. Länge



DIN A2 (ca. 60x42 cm)



(8 verschiedene Motive)





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Christa Wawers



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